What We Need

There are 10 days left to contribute to La Vita Bella Scholarship Program. I thought it would be helpful to know exactly what you are paying for. Here is a list of my students and what they require to continue dancing and to compete in Mexico and Internationally. We are preparing to attend Nationals in November of this year and the Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships in April of next year.


Mexican Passport : $50 USD

U.S. Visa: $160 USD

Dance Suit: $200 USD

Competition Entry Fee: $500 USD

Flight: $250 USD

Total: $1,160 USD

13920863_943189242477073_2789710403113466988_nBelen and Fernando:

Mexican Passport: $50 USD/ea

U.S. Visa: $160 USD/ea

2 Classes/Week: $80 USD/week for 6 months ($1,920 USD)

Costume/Dance Suit: $400 USD

Competition Entry Fee: $500 USD

Flight: $250 USD/ea

Total: $3,740 USD


2 Classes/Week: $80/week for 6 months ($1,920 USD)

U.S. Visa: $160 USD

Dance Suit: $200

Competition Entry Fee: $500 USD

Flight: $250 USD

*Giovanni’s shoes have been generously donated by Landa Jimenez*

Total: $3,030 USD

20160417_150352Andrea, Paola, and Leslie:

Mexican Passport: $50 USD/ ea

U.S. Visa: $160 USD/ea

Costumes: $300 USD

Shoes: $100 USD/ea

Competition Entry Fee: $250 USD/ea

Flight: $250 USD/ea

Total: $2,730 USD

Grand Total: $10,660 USD

Thus far we have garnered $525 USD, a pair of shoes, and a monthly pledge of $30 ($180 over the next 6 months). This is roughly 7% of what I need to provide these kids with the resources they need. If you have any doubts about why this program is important, please see This Article or This Video. Any and all contribution amounts are accepted and appreciated.

Please help me help these young people achieve great things and create quality Dancesport in Mexico.

Contribute Now.