La Vita Bella Scholarship Program


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My name is Tara Cassone.  I am the owner of La Vita Bella Dance Studio in Guanajuato, Mexico. I have been dancing my whole life. I majored in dance in high school and college. I have been trained by champions from around the word and am certified with high honors in 4 different ballroom styles. I have competed in and won numerous competitions as an amateur and a professional over the span of 16 years. Long story short, dancing is my life.

7 years ago, I moved from Minnesota to Mexico, and 3 years ago teaching dance became my life. I am equally as passionate about teaching as I am about dancing. In particular, teaching young people and knowing that they have everything it takes to become champions.

Last October, after only 6 months of training Arturo (age 22) and Andrea (age 10), became State Champions, placing higher than people with years of experience, and in Andrea’s case, people who were twice her age. Arturo went on to win two National Competitions in the following months.

After 7 months of training, Belen (age 26) and Fernando (age 22) were National Semi-Finalists, and received many positive comments on their dancing from teachers and professionals.

The only difference between my students and me is opportunity.

With $10,000, I will be able dedicate a sufficient amount of time to their training to accelerate their advancement. I will help them attain visas and passports and cover travel expenses, giving them more opportunities to compete in Mexico and internationally.

All of my students have told me in their own words how much dancing has improved and changed their lives. But there are many things they can’t say, things I see expressed on their faces or in their bodies. I see their confidence and self-worth grow with every step, I see how happy and fulfilled they are when they finish class. These intangible, precious moments are some of the most valuable experiences I have had. Your donation will allow these young people to continue to follow their dreams and surpass their own expectations in dancing and in life.

ANY size donation is accepted. Your kindness is received with gratitude and love and a commitment to quality of dancing and quality of life. Please share this project with your friends and family!

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