Women and Dancing

7eddb0d8f7702bfab606b45fe7695ad3-1Because today is International Women’s Day, I am feeling inspired to share some of my thoughts about women and dancing. I have danced with and taught many women of all ages, sizes, races, and backgrounds in my career and it has led me to numerous insights.

Many women view dancing as therapy, and I have to empathize with that sentiment. Dancing, but especially partner dancing, creates a special dynamic that allows women to simultaneously feel sexy and safe, a phenomena rarely encountered in our patriarchal, “Virgin/Whore” society. It gives us permission to be expressive. It gives tall women, who have slouched their whole lives, being told not to stand out, a reason to

600_350093472stand up. It enables women who have been sexually and physically abused to feel safe in a man’s arms, and it encourages the man holding the woman to do it with respect of her boundaries and her body. It gives us grace and presence and confidence. It allows women who have controlled every aspect of their lives to let go and enjoy the ride. It helps us all accept our bodies, and live into the mentality that states it isn’t the shape of your body, but how you use it. It is a means of feeling beautiful from inside and emanating and sharing that beauty with the world. imagesDancing is a tool of empowerment, independence, and establishing healthy partnerships.

For all of these reasons, and several more, dancing has had a significant impact on my life and the lives of countless other women. May we continue to spread the positive ripple of movement through the world and may we continue to be inspired and empowered by the gifts dancing presents to us.