Why Dance?

Many people ask me why dancing is so important, why I feel so fervently that everyone can benefit from it. Here are just a few of the reasons I have discovered:

Fitness Dancing is a moderate-vigorous exercise program that is easy to stick to because it’s fun! This is the best alternative for anyone who dreads going to the gym. Watch the minutes fly by and the pounds fly off as you dance your way down to your desired size.

Health Ballroom dancing is one of the only activities that reduces your chances of Alzheimer’s by 70%. Use Ballroom dancing to keep your mind sharp and your memory intact.

Love Not only is dancing a wonderful way to connect with others, but it builds confidence, improves posture, and makes you an overall more attractive partner. Whether you find your new love on or off the dance floor, the skills you build in your dancing will prove invaluable in any relationship.

Joy Do you need relief from everyday stress? Looking for a hobby? Want to be able to go out and dance? Dancing is the best way to fast track joy into your life. Move to wonderful music, release endorphins, and focus your mental energy on something totally new and exciting.

The number of gifts dancing has to offer is endless. Why waste another day? Start now and discover all of the ways dancing can elevate your life.

Want to hear more about the significance of dancing? Watch the “What Dancing Means to Me” Video.